Two Heads TwoHeads
Health 7500
Speed 8
Damage 30
Attack Delay 0.5
Attack Range 10
Aggrovation Range 50
Tier 3

Two Heads is a boss that can be encountered within the Tier3 or Tier4 zones in the game. It is distinguishable as a giant, towering zombie with two heads instead of one (hence the name).

It is the first Two Heads-type boss that can be fought (the other being the Black Two Heads), and is a grave threat especially when players are facing the boss by themselves. Predicted spawn locations of the Two Heads within the T3 zone have been mostly noted to be near the holdout, and within the T4 zone to be either spawning way up north or near the bridge connecting Tier4 and Tier5.

Newcomers to T3 and T4 must be extremely vigilant, as the Two Heads boss can suddenly pop up out of nowhere and surprise players with its fast speed, killing them in a few hits. There have been some instances of the boss spawning inside buildings in T3, but the chances of that happening are slim. Loot dropped by the Two Heads boss ranges from T1 melee weapons at its lowest, up to the rarest T3 firearms at its highest.

Tactics Edit