Tac-50 Tac50
Damage 100
Ammo Type .50 Ammo
Ammo Capacity 5
Rounds Per Minute 175
Spread 0
Critical Chance 15
Crititcal Multi x10
Tier 4+

The Tac-50 is a sniper rifle that can be found within the Tier4 and Tier5 zones. It is one of the rarest weapons and the most powerful weapon in the game.

Overview Edit

The Tac-50 takes up .50 ammo, with a small capacity of five rounds. It is extremely rare and can only be found in the T4 and T5 zones. As expected with most sniper rifles, it lacks spread and is one of two sniper rifles that use .50 ammo (the other being the M107).

It is the most powerful weapon in the game due to its damage values. A single shot of the Tac-50 deals 100 damage. With a critical multiplier of 10x, a single critical hit landed on an enemy can account for a total of 1,000 damage. The DPS rate is one of the highest ingame, with a DPS of 2960.

Due to its high damage output, players are recommended to increase their Critical Hit skill to a minimum of 85, totalling the Tac-50's critical hit chance by a hundred percent. It can oneshot even the toughest T5 zombies with ease, while on the other hand, bosses can be taken down with only a few shots. In the case of the Black Giant Octopus, ten (10) shots from the Tac-50 are needed to kill it if all the shots are critical hits.

The chances of obtaining the Tac-50 in T4 or T5 is extremely slim, as it is nearly as rare as the Vulcan Minigun.


  • Has the highest damage per shot
  • Zero spread
  • High DPS
  • Large value when sold on the Market
  • High critical multiplier
  • High critical chance


  • Long reload
  • Small ammo capacity (5)

Trivia Edit

  • It is also the most powerful weapon in Deadzone and some other Deadzone-based games, dealing an astonishing 15,000 blood/hit points.