Sledgehammer Sledge
Damage 38
Attack Delay  ?
Critical Chance 20
Crititcal Multiplier 2
Tier 3
The Sledgehammer is a melee weapon that can be found within the Tier 3 zone and higher.

Overview Edit

It is an exceptionally unique melee weapon due to it having a greater reach as opposed to the rest of the melee weapons. Because of this, it it is popular among high-level players as it can counter zombies without running the risk of taking damage while trying to manage their distance.

It has a critical hit chance of 20 and a critical multiplier of 2x. It is tied with the Katana in terms of the highest damage for melee weapons, dealing 38 damage per strike. However, the only differences between the Sledgehammer and the Katana are the following:

  • The Katana has a faster attack speed and an attack delay of 0.3 seconds, much faster than the Sledgehammer.
  • The Katana can be found within the Tier4 zone and higher.
  • The minimum price of the Sledgehammer is only 9700, whereas the Katana's minimum price is a whopping 20k.

Due to the reach of the Sledgehammer, it can supposedly hit zombies through objects (most specifically barriers). But this still does not make the Sledgehammer any good of a melee weapon to use against bosses. Using the Sledgehammer requires careful timing when using it against multiple zombies. The slow attack speed of the Sledgehammer will force players to come up to zombies at the opportune moment.

The chances of looting a Sledgehammer are pretty low, but at least it is not as rare as the Katana or Wakizashi. It has a minimum price of 9700 cash when sold on the Market, so players may get great deals when buying or selling a Sledgehammer, suggested that they have at least enough money.


  • Highest damage of all melee weapons (tied with the Katana)
  • Long reach
  • High critical hit chance
  • Good critical multiplier
  • Good value when sold on the Market
  • Good knockback


  • Sluggish attack speed
  • Extremely rare for a T3 weapon