Red Octopus RedOctopusPhoto
Health 350
Speed 8
Damage 30
Attack Delay 0.5
Attack Range 5
Aggrovation Range Unknown
Tier 4

The Red Octopus is a zombie that exclusively spawns within the Tier4 zone. They are distinguishable by their red color, and have an additional four more appendages coming out from their backs.

Red Octopuses commonly spawn alongside Long Arm and Red Brute zombies. These zombies are twice as dangerous as the regular Octopus so survivors must be wary of them once they enter T4 for the first time. They have slightly higher health and deal higher damage, not to mention that they have fast movement speeds.

Tactics Edit

  • Just like the regular Octopus, players must avoid engaging these zombies in buildings as they can spawn at fast rates and overpower the player if they lack a powerful weapon.
  • High-knockback weapons are a must-have when engaging Red Octopus zombies. A horde can quickly swarm an inexperienced survivor so try and keep your distance as much as possible while laying down fire.