Razor Razor
Health 450
Speed 4
Damage 30
Attack Delay 1
Attack Range 5
Aggrovation Range Unknown
Tier 2-3

The Razor is a zombie that can be encountered within the Tier 2 and Tier 3 zones in the game. They spawn alongside the Brute and Irradiated in T2 and alongside the latter, with the Octopus in T3. They are distinguishable as fairly large zombies with disproportionate right arms.

Razors have less health than Brutes, deal lower damage, and are slower in speed. It is also the most basic form of Razor-type zombies and the first, the other being the Black Razor.

Tactics Edit

  • As these zombies spawn commonly around the T2 and T3 zones, newer survivors must watch out and dispatch these zombies as early as possible.
  • A few blasts from low-tier shotguns like the Mossberg 500 is sufficient enough to take down a single zombie.
  • Have a powerful weapon ready at all times, as Razors can overwhelm players quickly when they're in large numbers, or worse, if they are a mixed horde of Irradiated, Brutes, and Octopus zombies.