Octopus Octopus
Health 300
Speed 8
Damage 20
Attack Delay 0.5
Attack Range 5
Aggrovation Range Unknown
Tier 3

The Octopus is a zombie that appears exclusively in the Tier3 zone. It takes up the place of the regular zombie and spawns commonly alongside the Razor and Brute zombies. Octopuses are distinguishable by the four protrusions on their backs, resembling tentacles.

Octopuses are a serious threat to those coming to T3 for the first time, as they move at rapid speeds and can quickly overwhelm the player in large numbers. A decent amount of agility is needed before proceeding to explore T3 in order to outrun these zombies.

It is the most basic of all the octopus-type zombies in the game.

Tactics Edit

  • Octopuses are fast movers and deal 20 damage, however they have three times the health of a normal zombie and can be taken down fairly easily.
  • It is best to not engage Octopuses in buildings as they can spawn at a fast rate and overpower the player unless they have a high damage/knockback weapon.