Long Arm LongArm
Health 300
Speed 8
Damage 25
Attack Delay 0.5
Attack Range 5
Aggrovation Range Unknown
Tier 4

The Long Arm is a zombie that can be encountered in the Tier 4 zone, and it spawns alongside the Red Octopus and Red Brute zombies. They can be distinguishable by their red color and slightly elongated bodies and arms.

They take up the place of regular and Irradiated zombies within T4, spawning at a common rate. While they are a usual sight within T4 aside from the Red Octopus and Red Brute zombies, they are equally as dangerous and newcomers to Tier4 must be cautious of these zombies.

Tactics Edit

  • Long Arm zombies are fast movers with 8 speed, so prepare a fast-firing weapon in order to take out aggro'd Long Arm zombies.
  • Facing a horde consisting of Long Arm, Red Octopus, and Red Brute zombies is extremely dangerous, and players must have high agility in order to avoid getting swarmed quickly by them.
  • They have thrice the health of regular zombies so they can still be dispatched fairly easily.