Irradiated Irradiated
Health 140
Speed 4.5
Damage 20
Attack Delay 0.5
Attack Range 5
Aggrovation Range Unknown
Tier 2

Irradiated Zombies are zombies that can be encountered within Tier 2 and Tier 3 zones. They are distinguishable by their earth green color.

They spawn a bit less common compared to normal zombies, but they have higher health (140 versus 100), are slighty faster (4.5 speed versus 4), and deal more damage (20 versus 5). New survivors must be cautious of these zombies when entering the Tier 2 zone for the first time, as they can commonly spawn alongside the Brute and Razor zombies. Just like the normal zombies, these zombies are also dangerous when they come in hordes.

Tactics Edit

  • Irradiated zombies can still be easily countered like normal zombies. A decent SMG like the Uzi or MP5 is sufficent enough to take down multiple Irradiated zombies.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite what the name may suggest, irradiated zombies do not have any special infectious/radiological effects in-game.