AA-12 AA12
Damage 23
Ammo Type 12 Gauge Ammo
Ammo Capacity 12
Rounds Per Minute 300
Spread 1.5
Critical Chance 25
Crititcal Multi x2
Tier 4+

The AA-12 is a shotgun that can be found within the Tier4 and Tier5 zones of the game.


The AA-12 is one of the rarest shotguns that can be scavenged off of T4 and T5, alongside the Stoeger Double Defense. With a number of advantages such as having a fast fire rate and pellet count, it is widely considered to be the best shotgun in-game.

The most obvious niche of the AA-12 is mainly its ammo consumption of 12 Gauge, the rarest ammo type for shotguns. Despite this, the AA-12 will end up being an overall excellent weapon to use against even the toughest of zombies. Only being bested by the Stoeger Double Defense in terms of damage per hit (DPH), the AA-12 is by far the best shotgun nonetheless.

Players are highly recommended to increase their Critical Hit and Reloading stats when using this weapon, as the AA-12 has a CHC of 25%, and has no firing delay when reloaded (reloading skill should be at 100 at this point).

The AA-12 can be unlocked on the Credits Shop for


  • Good damage
  • Highest DPS of all shotguns
  • Fast reload
  • Highest ammo capacity of all shotguns
  • High CHC value
  • Good critical multiplier value
  • Fastest fire rate
  • Large pellet count
  • High value on the Market ($35000 minimum price)


  • Fairly expensive to purchase on the Credits shop
  • Uses .12 Gauge ammo, an extremely rare ammo type


  • The AA-12 in-game has a capacity of 12 rounds, despite it being modeled with a 20-round drum magazine.